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Permanent Life Insurance



With this coverage, your family will get the payout (called the death benefit), even if you live to be well over 100.

What is permanent life insurance and when it’s best

Permanent differs from term life insurance in that you don’t have to select a policy term or end date. The policy lasts your entire lifetime, as long as you continue to make your payments.

Specific situations: Permanent life insurance is for you if you want coverage that lasts a lifetime and builds cash value. Also, if you want to leave a legacy to your family, guaranteeing that there will be money for your kids or even grandkids, then permanent life coverage may be right for you.

Details on permanent life insurance

Coverage lasts your entire lifetime

Available for ages 18-85

Medical exam is required for coverage

Policy does build cash value

Benefit amounts of $50,000-$1 million+

Cash value life insurance policy that grows tax-deferred

Permanent life insurance is a cash value life insurance policy. That means that a portion of the premium you pay goes into a “cash value” sub-account. You can then invest and grow it tax-deferred (similar to a traditional 401k). As your cash value grows, you can even use the cash value to pay your premiums.

This can eventually build into a zero-cost policy, where all premiums can be paid from the cash value that has built up, while still keeping the same payout amount (death benefit). Just keep an eye out for this benefit. When you think you’re ready for a policy that could one day become a zero-cost policy, give us a call.


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